At Arcese, we believe that companies that can make a difference need to take concrete action to make the world a better place. This is why we increasingly invest in projects that share this mission and the values of solidarity and attention to individuals: a choice that has always guided the Arcese Group in defining its corporate strategies, together with the awareness of how much each of our choices can affect the society in which we operate.


The partnership between Arcese and Sportfund Onlus aims to promote sport in all its possible facets: from a tool for social inclusion and personal affirmation to a glue between colleagues. Setting off into the saddle in the heart of the Dolomites, with the #RIDETOINSPIRE project, the Arcese team invites all stakeholders to challenge their own limits and go beyond them.


Arcese collaborates with Rosa Associati on the Kenya Project, the solidarity initiative which - through sport - aims to secure schooling and future opportunities for children and young people in the West Pokot district and Kericho, in the Rift Valley province of Kenya.

progetto kenia


Sport and running as a means of achieving social inclusion and breaking down any barriers: this is the aim of the social initiative "Road To New York", created by Arcese in collaboration with Rosa Associati to enable five young people with Down's Syndrome to take part in the New York Marathon.


Arcese and Cesvi together in organising the donation to support the "Oranges Project", an initiative aimed at the economic and sustainable development of the Maramani community, one of the poorest areas in Zimbabwe with over 32% of malnourished children.


Arcese and the Spagnolli-Bazzoni Onlus association together for the care and support of women and children affected by HIV in Zimbabwe through the funding of the Harare centre to actively contribute to reducing the death rate and improving health conditions for as many women as possible affected by the disease.


Arcese, together with the CAF Association (Centro Aiuto Minori e Famiglie - Centre Helping Young People and Families) aims to provide the children of the Association's Elfi Community with a unique experience, offering them a holiday with the aim of reducing the sense of isolation and exclusion, while improving group dynamics, mitigating conflicts and enhancing their relationship with their educators.