We believe in collaboration as the fundamental secret behind every victory, at work or otherwise. Guided by this thought, together with Sportfund Onlus, an association that promotes sport as a tool for social inclusion, we decided to participate in the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel together with Kevin Ferrari, an extraordinary all-round Paralympic athlete.


Arcese has been a sponsor of the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel since 2016. Participation in this highly appreciated Gran Fondo stems from the brand's intention to support an event that shares our values and infinite love for the land that surrounds us. By facing the challenges of this race and cycling side by side, Team Arcese demonstrates how team spirit is the key to success. In 2023, in collaboration with Sportfund Onlus, we wanted to give a precise identity to our participation in the Marathon, with a dedicated project: RIDE TO INSPIRE – A QUEST FOR DOLOMITES, a way to share with everyone how making a difference through this beautiful adventure called sport is possible.

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The decision to join the event alongside Sportfund Onlus came from the company's desire to be a promoter of social inclusion. This is why, together with the non-profit organisation, we decided that Kevin Ferrari would lead the climb for Team Arcese. A complete and extraordinary athlete, Kevin's passions include cycling, climbing and swimming. For him, sport was the perfect channel to regain autonomy and self-confidence, the right key to realising that yes, after his accident, he could still achieve whatever he set out to do. The perfect adventurous spirit to pull our cyclists to the summit!


The #RIDETOINSPIRE project is born from and for people: the centre of all Arcese activities. With the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel we share both the vision of sport as a form of competition and rebirth, but also as a method of enhancing the territory. Values that we intend to carry forward over time, encouraging colleagues, customers and partners to take part in events like this.

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Sportfund Onlus was born from thirty years of experience in Paralympic sports and from the passion of its founders, who recognise that amateur sport has a primary and irreplaceable educational, integration and protective function for young people, especially those who are disadvantaged, as well as considering it a factor for growth and social prosperity.