The ethical and responsible management of workers and the environment: what we believe in.

Arcese has always been committed to offering quality and innovative transport services and contract logistics solutions.
Our mission is to offer Customers our experience, knowledge, and innovation, to render the exceptional products that we transport available all over the World, thus creating value for all those who participate in the Company and share its objectives.
We are aware that our activities and choices can have an impact on the environment. The people and companies through which we operate strive to achieve a balance and are committed to operating ethically and responsibly.

For Arcese Group, being a socially responsible company is about enriching managerial and strategic choices with ethical and social considerations, investing in human capital, the environment and relations with all stakeholders.
The principles of Arcese CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) aim to promote a culture of respect and sustainability; they are an integral part of our operations.


Social responsibility as a corporate tool.

Arcese Trasporti officially adopts an Ethical Code, a model containing values and standards of conduct to inspire and guide all Arcese staff and collaborators.
Alongside the general principles of transparency and correctness, the company prioritises respect for people and environmental protection.


The results of our commitment to sustainable development.

Sustainable development and quality policy are an integral part of the company ethos. Arcese has implemented an integrated Quality, Environment and Safety management system which allow us to improve company performance and limit the environmental effects of our activities, while optimally managing health and safety at the workplace for our employees and collaborators. Certifications obtained to date are proof of our commitment and inspiration to continue in this direction.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015  |  UNI EN ISO 14001:2015  |   OHSAS 18001:2007  |   SQAS Certificate



Arcese initiatives inspired by sustainability.

A-LAB, the Arcese Centre For Research and Development, was opened with the precise intention of developing projects and experimental research, aimed at improving logistics and freight forwarding in all fields, through sustainability and training.

We look to intermodal transport as the best solution for the reduction of Co2 emissions by over 50%. This is the most effective way to reduce the impact of our activities. This is why, whenever possible, we encourage our clients to choose our combined road, rail and short sea freight forwarding services.

77% of our modern fleet consists of Euro 5 vehicles, Euro 5 EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle), and 23% of the latest Euro 6 category vehicles. An updated and effective tool for the reduction of CO2 emissions. A meticulous and rigorously scheduled vehicle maintenance programme at our repair garages, coupled with the use of the sector’s latest technologies, helps to maximise efficiency and minimise consumption for the entire fleet.

The latest sites of Arcese Group are all characterised by sustainable design, from materials (bio-compatible and re-usable), to compliance with heat-noise isolation regulations for buildings and the work place. Similar efforts are made in terms of energy saving: our newly built sites have been fitted with photovoltaic plants for the production of “clean” energy. With the “Photovoltaic Roof” project, we have installed approximately 150,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels, with an annual production of 7MW.

The training of all employees is an integral part of company ethos. We train and regularly provide refresher courses for driver staff, with focus on efficient, and therefore less-polluting, driving principles (eco driving).  Furthermore, specific monitoring systems ensure that the driving style of our staff is always under control, so that we can plan ad hoc training if required.

Separate waste collection and recycling are an integral part of all daily activities at Arcese. Targeted initiatives are used to raise awareness among staff on three major principles: Save, Re-Use, Recycle, to avoid the waste of valuable resources such as water, paper and electrical energy.