Our road freight services derive from the consolidated experience of Arcese in the road transport sector. Through consolidated collaborations with highly specialised commercial partners, we offer road and intermodal transport solutions (road-rail-short sea) to satisfy all your business requirements.


Optimised and efficient part truck load transport throughout Europe

Whether in large cities or small towns, Arcese's international LTL groupage services stand out for their speed and reliability throughout Europe. Our extensive network of directly controlled branches and partnerships with certified carriers ensures a consistently excellent service for small and large shipments, regardless of weight. Our part truck load transport is the ideal solution for handling limited quantities of goods that are consolidated into a single shipment.
Thanks to an efficient collection and distribution system and an extensive international network, we reach all destinations quickly, guaranteeing daily departures throughout Europe with defined transit times.

Discover the benefits of LTL Arcese services:

  • Operational 365 days a year, 7 days a week, including public holidays
  • Qualified staff and dedicated customer service team available throughout your shipment, from your first commercial interaction with us, right up to the delivery of goods
  • Collaboration with certified carriers
  • Ability to interface with customers' IT systems
  • Maximum flexibility of deliveries
  • Cash-on-delivery service
  • Timely communication on the status of shipments

Additional services:

  • Track & Trace service via the My Arcese system
  • “All-risk” insurance available and tailored to each requirement
spedizioni groupage internazionale
trasporto FTL


Efficient and punctual full load transport throughout Europe

Thanks to a Europe-wide network and a modern fleet of our own vehicles, with more than 650 tractors and over 2800 semi-trailers, our full load road transport services are efficient, flexible and highly innovative.
Arcese designs the best freight solution based on the specific needs of each customer: our experience gained from over 50 years in the full load transport sector guarantees a reliable service throughout Europe.
The Arcese FTL service is distinguished by high quality standards. We are constantly updating our fleet, investing in state-of-the-art equipment that ensures flexibility of service and maximum security of goods at all times.

Discover the benefits of FTL Arcese services:

  • Fleet equipped with different fittings according to the service required
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Transport planning with predefined time windows
  • Standby semi-trailers positioned at origin/destination sites to optimise space and loading/unloading times

Additional services:

  • Track & Trace service via the My Arcese system
  • “All-risk” insurance available and tailored to each requirement


Short distances and distribution by road, long distances by rail or sea: Arcese’s combined transport solutions

Arcese's intermodal transport service offers our customers flexible, and at the same time, more sustainable combined transport solutions by intelligently combining different modes of transport: road, rail and short-sea.
By partnering with the best operators in the industry, we provide an efficient and environmentally friendly service.
In addition, our intermodal transport solutions are characterised by high safety standards and an integrated network across Europe that guarantees a quality service at competitive costs with weekly departures to major European destinations.

Discover the benefits of Arcese’s intermodal services:

  • Higher payload, up to 28 tonnes
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • No traffic jams
  • No waiting for border crossings
  • Sustainability
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