Our logistics solutions, tailored to your business, are effectively designed thanks to years of experience in integrated logistics, making Arcese the ideal partner for the management of your supply chain. Years of experience in integrated logistics make Arcese the best partner for your supply chain management. Our logistics solutions are tailored to your business requirements. With our outsourcing solutions, you will be able to focus on your core business: leave your logistics management to us!


From start to finish: your supply chain with our integrated logistics

Years of diversified experience in inbound and outbound logistics services means that Arcese is skilled in optimising warehouse flows, guaranteeing its customers advantages in terms of quality, efficiency and productivity.

Inbound logistics solutions

  • Re-design and optimisation of inbound flows as well as flows towards production lines
  • Operative management of the entire supply chain, according to logistics models implemented by customers
  • Milk round management and optimisation
  • Logistics management of collection centres
  • Management of warehouse logistics and of all logistics flows in production plants, from component reception and warehousing to the feeding of production lines, using the most suitable technologies (JIT, JIS, Kan Ban)
  • Added value activities such as kit creation and subgroup assembly

Outbound logistics solutions

  • The management of warehouses and all logistics activities downstream to production, at plants (warehousing, packaging, management of loads and transport scheduling)
  • Primary transport from points of origin to distribution warehouses;
  • Central distribution warehouse management
  • Secondary transport
  • Reverse logistics
  • After-sales services (management of spare parts distribution warehouses, preparation of specific packaging, transport within a dedicated or multi-customer network, help desk and back office services)


Your supply chain designed by our experts

Skills developed in the logistics sector as well as a consolidated, global presence, make Arcese a reliable and expert partner, ready to face international challenges caused by globalisation and increasing market complexity.
Our engineering department works with and supports our customers to design an efficient and integrated supply chain solutions, optimising logistics and production processes, implementing action in critical areas and supplying processes, IT infrastructure as well updated and effective management tools. Our team of professionals is always available to develop the logitics services your business needs. This department stands out for the integral management of both spot and continuous services, along with the development of “tailor made” integrated logistics projects.

Our Logistics Solutions include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Logistic structure design: from green field to completed warehouse
  • Continuous improvement of processes through the application of main Leans Six Sigma, WCL, ZDS
  • Identification of innovative solutions


Integrated solutions to develop your online business

The e-commerce channel is an increasingly strategic market, developing the business of many companies on a global scale. Arcese is the best partner to support your business in this sector, helping you to set up your online shop or providing support to optimise e-commerce activities and strategies. Thanks to collaborations with leading companies in this sector, we guarantee an excellent service in each phase: from online shop development to goods warehousing, order preparation, up to end customer delivery.
E-commerce logistics outsourcing is the best solution for you: choose a partner specialised in the logics of the sector to benefit from all the advantages of an online shop, without getting weighed down by the fixed costs of logistics. When it comes to manage your online shop, Arcese guarantees a quick response, a dedicated customer service, effective management of numerous orders and reverse logistics.

Discover our e-commerce logistics solutions:

  • Inbound movement
  • Picking and packing
  • Courier selection
  • Outbound movement
  • Updating of available and sold warehouse stock
  • Order tracking
  • Warehouse restocking orders
  • Showcase updating according to availability
  • Management of returns and non-deliveries
  • Management of orders and address changes

Additional services:

  • Photographic laboratory for photo shooting
  • Customer care service
  • Supply of neutral and personalised packaging
logistica per e-commerce


The efficient management of your documents, from paper to bytes

There are 18 Arcese document and data centres equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, for an integrated range of Global Records Management services, as well as the management of the entire document life cycle: from delivery to archiving, thus simplifying search and fruition activities concerning company information and documents. Our specialised personnel guarantee a quality service and professional approach which reflects our experience in document outsourcing. Our document management offer is based on a flexible and modular service model characterised by the integration of traditional systems for the management of physical archives, and new technologies. The offer is completed with added value activities ranging from preliminary consultation to digital signature services, feasibility studies and time stamps, for the optimisation of company document archiving processes and the creation of digital archives which comply with CNIPA (Authority for Informatics in Italian Public Administration) standards.

Discover our document logistics solutions:

  • Archive advisory service
  • Physical archiving
  • Optical document management
  • Back office service Postal, protocol and mail printing service outsourcing
  • Replacement storage