The companies of Arcese Group, including the European companies, comply with the Directive (EU) 2019/1937, ensuring a system of reporting violations. This involves all employees, partners, self-employed workers, volunteers, trainees, freelancers and consultants working in the Group companies. The aim is to protect whistleblowers from retaliation and to promote the reporting of unlawful conduct in the working environment. Reports may concern violations of national and European law, or unlawful acts that threaten the public interest or the integrity of the Group companies.
A Whistleblowing Committee, supported by local contacts, handles these reports in a coordination and in compliance with the current legislation in order to guarantee and promote an ethical working environment.

Society Links for reports Instructions and procedure
Arcese Dp World S.p.A. https://arcese-dpworld.software231.eu/ DOWNLOAD PDF
Arcese España S.A.U. https://arcese-espana.software231.eu/ DOWNLOAD PDF
Arcese Transport France S.A.R.L. https://arcese-france.software231.eu/ DOWNLOAD PDF
Arcese Transport S.r.l. https://arcese-romania.software231.eu/ DOWNLOAD PDF
Arcese Trasporti S.p.A. https://arcese.software231.eu/ DOWNLOAD PDF
Autotrasporti Multipli Arcese S.p.A. https://arcese-am.software231.eu DOWNLOAD PDF
Papier garda S.r.l. https://papiergarda.software231.eu DOWNLOAD PDF
Red Gloves S.r.l. https://redgloves.software231.eu DOWNLOAD PDF
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