Stories of the Arcese people during the Coronavirus

Extraordinary people can be distinguished by their ability to show their strength and energy in every area of their lives and – above all – in out-of-the-ordinary times like the one we are currently experiencing worldwide.
Arcese people are extraordinary in themselves, and it is thanks to our passion and resilience that we have continued to maintain our commitment to our customers and the operation of our services around the world.

Their stories, both personal and professional, show us that even in those moments when it might be easy to give up and the obstacles seem to be getting bigger and bigger, there is no goal that cannot be achieved.
It’s some of their stories we want to tell here.

Simona Curti

A volunteer on the front line

In this health emergency there are thousands of doctors, nurses and volunteers working on the front line in hospitals. Among them is Simona, HR Training Specialist and employee of Arcese Group since 2019.

Simona has been a volunteer in the Red Cross since 2015 and since the beginning of the health emergency she has decided to play her part by increasing her availability for voluntary shifts. After an initial period of triage service in the hospitals of Arco and Tione (Trentino Alto Adige), she followed a training course to support ambulance operators in the undressing phase at the end of the shift.

Simona, in addition to the triage service and the ambulance shifts, carries on this critical and at the same time demanding activity: “This is a very important task,” – says Simona, “because helping the operator remove the PPE and the sanitary clothing is a delicate moment in which you have to pay the utmost attention to avoid possible infection due to mistakes in undressing, due to both physical and emotional fatigue. Sometimes it can be very demanding, but in an emergency like this I’m happy to help out in any way that I can”.

Alessia Zampedri

When even graduation ceremony is online

One of the great protagonists of this health emergency is certainly the Internet: thanks to the web, in fact, there are those who shop online, those who work remotely, and those who virtually “re-embrace” their loved ones. And some people take a big step for their personal and professional life, graduating in their own living room!

One such person is Alessia, Sales Back Office Specialist in Arcese since October 2019, who graduated in Management with a score of 110 with honours from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Trento on March 25, 2019, by video-conference, with a thesis entitled “Innovative and diversification processes. Trentino and the strategy of Smart Specialisation”.

“I never imagined I would discuss the thesis at home,” says Alessia, “but it was still an emotional day. The discussion was strange but also unique, and although I was sorry not to be able to share this moment with my friends, I am very happy and proud to have achieved this. I will carry this moment in my heart forever!”

Claudia Almeida

#I’mAtHome… and I colour!

The colourful energy of Arcese children

Arcese children are also giving their support to our operations, encouraging their parents with their positivity and filling our world with colours!

Anna and Davide, the children of our colleague Nicola Petroncini – Customer Service employee of the Road Freight branch of Castel San Pietro Terme –
have used their imagination and coloured our logo that has been inserted in the branch notice board. By sharing their creativity with us, they have started a collection of drawings from all Arcese children with the ‘stay at home’ initiative #IoStoACasa… and colour!

Arcese Team is not stopping!

The health emergency has confirmed the importance of logistics and freight transport services – by land, sea or air – for the functioning of international markets and economies, as well as for providing each of us with basic necessities such as food and medicines.
Thanks to the commitment and collaboration of all Arcese people, our Group has maintained its operations, albeit reduced in view of the decrease in volumes.
At this juncture, the health of all employees has been our priority. For this reason, all the preventive measures provided for by the institutions and the WHO have been adopted, and work organisation has been modified and adapted as follows: where possible, we have activated smart working, while field operations have been guaranteed by drivers, warehousemen and operating personnel who have ensured their presence in our branches and the supervision of customer services.
Thanks to those who have allowed our operations to persevere, working with commitment and professionalism even in this difficult situation!