Arcese intermodal transport services: a fundamental resource for logistics and society

A strategic choice to ensure supply chain continuity during the Coronavirus crisis

The Covid-19 outbreak is having serious repercussions on European logistics and supply chains with restrictions that, while not directly limiting transport, do create operational difficulties with effects on logistics and the economy.

Arcese's production strategy is part of this context: adaptive, resilient and able to respond efficiently to the dynamic and volatile volumes currently recorded at an international level. In order to better support our customers and respond to fluctuating volumes, every day Arcese's operational teams allocate resources and trucks by focusing more and more on intermodal transport. Allowing the movement of only goods and involving fewer people, for medium-to long-distance routes, this service proves to be the best solution to ensure efficient transport of industrial and essential goods in complete safety.

Thansk to an integrated and international intermodal network, our range of services continues to operate throughout Europe, guaranteeing the daily flow of goods and transporting items that people urgently need: in fact, our semitrailers travel across Europe reliably, with fewer restrictions and in full compliance with current regulations required by each Countries in order to contain the virus.

This is why this type of transport is now chosen by more and more customers, and the numbers recorded are confirmation of this: in March, 42,000 tonnes of goods were transported by rail , confirming an increase in intermodal units of 20% compared to February, equal to over 1,000 journeys. This is due, in particular, to an increase in terms of volumes concerning the FMCG sector and therefore food and personal care goods, as well as various supplies. Customers in the eCommerce sector, affected by the closure of many businesses and particularly by traffic restrictions, are also supporting the growing volumes.

The Arcese multimodal network now has connections throughout Europe: from Spain to Romania, Turkey to Scandinavia, with over 50 daily departures. Intermodal and rail transport is a pillar of Arcese's business strategy for responding to the principles of sustainability and security that have always guided the Group's choices.