Arcese’s new sustainable initiative: we have launched the Redboxes for transport purposes

Arcese goes beyond disposable packaging and chooses to use also reusable containers to make its distribution services for the retail sector even more efficient and sustainable

Logistics is a very competitive and dynamic industry. Seizing new challenges and constantly improving the quality of the services is essential for those who want to stand out from the crowd and meet customers’ requirements.

Today, retailers have to deal with the same dynamic environment, with more demanding customers and a supply chain that needs to become increasingly digitised, omnichannel and sustainable. Arcese, who has always focused on innovation, sustainability and service optimisation, has recently started to test Redboxes for a few routes and retail clients.  Arcese has designed and customised these state-of-the-art reusable boxes in collaboration with the German manufacturer to offer a versatile solution for the transport of goods. The Redboxes help speed up handling and distribution operations, thus making Arcese’s services even more efficient.

Redboxes are the ideal solution to improve transport efficiency. Their internal protective partitions and the fact that they are reusable allow this type of packaging to reduce the use of disposable packaging over time. This way, retail clients can benefit from an effective solution and reduce the production of waste.

An efficient and sustainable solution, as Redboxes help to drastically reduce the consumption of cardboard. A further confirmation of Arcese’s environmental commitment to representing a socially responsible business model.

These special containers are exceptionally sturdy, ensuring the utmost safety during transport and protection from burglary. They are also extremely versatile, as they can be closed easily, and compact after use, as they occupy 80% less space. A characteristic that can make the difference in such competitive sectors. During the return flow, this container can travel collapsed or full (in case of reverse logistics flow), thus improving quality in terms of distribution and collection of products that are transferred or return to centralised deposits.

Our clients are always attentive to environmental issues while seeking innovative services” – states Guido Pietro Bertolone, CEO di Arcese – “Our company has always focused on sustainability along the entire supply chain, with initiatives aiming at reducing waste, optimising processes and constantly updating our fleet by introducing gas-fuelled vehicles or electric vehicles, which help reducing emissions into the atmosphere.” Then, he concludes saying “This system is being tested in the flows between France, Italy, the UK and Spain and for a few clients in the fashion industry. Later, we will use them in Benelux, but our goal is even more ambitious. We want to introduce the Reboxes also in other flows and sectors, as we are sure that they are essential for our policy based on the constant improvement of our services and sustainability.”