Ventana Serra's commitment to safety and reliability throughout the supply chain continues

The company obtained AEO certification in Brazil, confirming the high standards of service

Guaranteeing high standards of service to its customers: this is the priority that Ventana Serra, an Arcese Group company, has always been committed to maintaining, continually improving company processes and activities. Consistent with this, new ambitious targets are set each year to operate with policies and procedures that ensure safety and reliability throughout the supply chain.

A further step in this direction was taken by Ventana Serra do Brasil which, following an audit in February, obtained the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) customs reliability certification issued by the Receita Federal, the Brazilian Customs and Revenue Agency.

With the increasing globalisation of logistics flows and changes in security aspects, the AEO certificate has become increasingly important in the international shipping sector and the status of Authorised Economic Operator now plays an important role for a growing number of companies.

The recognition of AEO status, which has already been obtained for Italy and Belgium, allows Ventana Serra to operate even more effectively in air and Ocean freight forwarding at a global level.

"The status of Authorised Economic Operator confirms that our standards of safety and reliability are guaranteed throughout the entire supply chain. In this way, we can offer our customers faster shipping and on-time delivery of goods." Paolo Casadonte - Country Manager of Ventana Serra do Brasil - commented: "We are very satisfied with the result obtained, which was made possible thanks to the commitment of the entire team, who showed great determination and professionalism. As always, every milestone is a starting point for us to continue our commitment to continuous improvement, and we are already looking towards a new goal, namely to extend AEO certification to Road Freight services in Brazil