A new era begins for Arcese and for the intermodal transportation to/from Italy

A big day for Arcese and intermodal transport in Europe: after decades of work, the new intermodal network for P400 semitrailer has been launched on 13th December

On 13th December the Ceneri base tunnel has been officially put into operation and it will offer new opportunities for freight transport between Italy and Europe thanks to an intermodal network fit for P400 semi-trailers. After a test period that began on 4th September, the day of the official inauguration, over 5,800 convoys crossed this section to verify the processes and test the plants in real conditions.

An important turning point for European intermodal transport and for Arcese which has been investing in its network and combined road-rail services for years.
"With the opening of the 4-meter corridor through the Gotthard, and thanks to the well-established partnership with Hupac, our service capacity increases, which means we will be able to go from 37 weekly connections to 160 scheduled for January 2021" states Emanuele Arcese - Road Freight FTL Director of Arcese.

But not only load capacity have been increased but also we are responding to the growing demand from our customers for intermodal services; in fact, the flexibility of the service offered in the various relationships and solutions proposed, as a result of the active gateway connections to Antwerp and Rotterdam - the gateway to the Benelux and to worldwide maritime traffic - and gateway connections to Cologne and beyond, to Scandinavia.

Therefore, removing some infrastructural bottlenecks and the demand for increasingly sustainable transport services are giving a new impetus to intermodal transport. In addition, 2020 has been a historical year for the sector and the intermodal transport has been further pushed as it has been considered a safer mode of transport that involves minimal human contact.
All winning factors not only make this the freight solution of the future for transport in Europe, but also confirm Arcese's position as a pioneer and leader in the sector.

“It is with great pleasure and pride that today we are seeing Arcese's vision come true" says Guido Pietro Bertolone - CEO of the Arcese Group - and continues: “Today the governance of our business model, built over the last 10 years with dedication and courage, is finally fully implemented. Ten years in which we have worked on the design of an integrated intermodal network (train and short sea) and on the standardization of the semi-trailer fleet. Year after year we have built a fleet of more than 3.000 P400 mega intermodal semi-trailers with a strategy for a European competitive scenario; crossing the Alps was tough, but today our dream is a reality. Efficient, green and flexible. Today is a new day for us!”.