Cybersecurity in logistics and services at Arcese

How Arcese protects transport, shipping and warehouse services together with its customers' businesses

Cybersecurity: it is certainly one of the most debated and important issues for everyone, especially companies, and concerns the ability to ensure the protection of information and of anything that can be exposed to cyber risks and attacks.

Aware of its importance and with a view to paying increasing attention to customer needs, we at Arcese dedicate time and important resources to computer security. In fact, all our activities and relevant information that are processed and managed by our computer systems must be adequately protected to prevent any intrusion that could represent a loss of confidential information or an interruption of operations, both for our company and our customers.

Arcese has established an ad hoc team of resources and tools to counter, monitor and control these threats and, at the same time, take action to prevent and minimise any risks as much as possible, both from an organisational and technical point of view.

That is why we constantly monitor, detect and report any kind of event within our systems on a daily basis, and work with the best IT security partners to ensure that the latest and most advanced technological knowledge is included in our countermeasures. Our strategy therefore focuses on identifying and containing potential attacks: in addition to strengthening our intrusion prevention procedures, we continuously implement and review our major-accident management procedures so that we can act quickly in the event of a cyber-attack in full compliance with the requirements of the GDPR regulations.

It isn’t just cybersecurity: the Arcese IT department actively works with key technology partners to update and improve Disaster Recovery activities in order to guarantee service continuity and protect customers' businesses on a daily basis.

The numbers confirm this: a dedicated team actively works to protect company data by monitoring over 5,000 activities each day and manages over 6,000 accounts of internal and external users who connect to our systems. And that's not all: our employees’ contribution to corporate security is essential, and for this reason we periodically organise specific training and refresher courses on cybersecurity, as well as carry out frequent verification testing. This, therefore, is why this activity and its internal division are becoming more and more key within the company, helping to make Arcese a reliable partner in all respects.