Black Friday, Christmas and more: this is how seasonal peaks affect logistics and business around the world

The role of logistics, transport and shipment companies is crucial in dealing with purchasing peaks

Festivities and special occasions are an opportunity for logistics operators around the world, as well as for the business of many companies. At the same time, however, thanks to the increasing ease and opportunities of online shopping, they represent a major challenge.
Just think of November, a time of great frenzy around the world and the most fruitful of the year in terms of world shopping, both online and offline. It is the month in which most companies - already working for a long time before - are preparing to face Black Friday, Cyber Monday and, ultimately, the Christmas period.
The weeks before and after Christmas therefore represent a pivotal moment for many commercial activities: this can also be seen in the ever-increasing volume of sales in Black Friday week, which in 2018 rose by 125% worldwide.
However, the buying race and the resulting sales opportunities are also growing exponentially at other times of the year and are often linked to local traditions and holidays. To name a just few: Valentine's Day, the festival of lovers celebrated in a large part of the world (especially in Europe, the Americas, and in the Far East) and which takes place mid-February; Golden Week in China, which takes place twice a year, as part of the Chinese New Year and the National Day of the People's Republic of China; the festival of Diwali in India, which occurs between October and November; and the Peak Season in Japan, which is observed between July and August in correspondence with the allocation of bonuses by companies to their employees.
In view of these events, it is therefore crucial for all companies to plan their activities well in advance and choose a reliable and experienced logistics partner, always ready to face the challenges arising from globalisation and the increasing complexity of the markets. In fact, the role of logistics, transport and shipping companies is increasingly key in better coping with the increase in purchases and consequently ensuring proper and timely management of the supply chain at the global level.
The Arcese Group is always ready to support the business of its customers and of their customers, thanks to a team of professionals who work actively every day, all year round, to better manage peak work and ensure the highest standards of service in every situation.