Arcese has renewed its collaboration with the University of Verona with the LogiMaster Master

This has strengthened the link between Arcese and the academic world for the eighteenth edition of ‘LogiMaster’ - the Master’s course in Integrated Logistics - Supply Chain Management

Arcese's collaboration with the academic world for the year 2019 is continuing and at the same time becoming stronger. For the second consecutive year, the Group has confirmed its collaboration with the University of Verona for the eighteenth edition of LogiMaster, the Master’s course in Integrated Logistics - Supply Chain Management commencing next January.

LogiMaster proposes itself as an advanced training course for both students and professionals of the working world, and its objective is to provide logistics and Supply Chain Management tools in a directional perspective, providing advanced skills on management and operational techniques, territorial logistic systems, methods quantities for logistics and strategic choices for the supply chain. The Master lasts for 10 months, during which the students will have to pass infra-annual tests and assessments, a discussion on the internship project then pass the final exam.

"It is with pleasure that we have renewed our collaboration with the University of Verona" - said Federico Finzi, Chief Human Resources & Organization Officer of the Arcese Group, and continues: "This is a precious opportunity for Arcese, who, thanks to this collaboration in 2019, will have the opportunity to identify and host internships for students in the company. To date we had 6 trainees working in the company. But not only that, the collaboration agreement also allows the possibility of having one of our employees attend the master. This aspect is very important for us because it allows us to enhance and professionally develop the resources we have in the company".

This is an opinion which is also shared by the University of Verona, which states: "LogiMaster represents an important opportunity for collaboration between the University and companies that intend to contribute to the training and professional growth of their employees and future skilled workers" affirms Barbara Gaudenzi, Director of LogiMaster. "To date, LogiMaster has graduated over 370 professionals and about 90% of them have found employment within just three months of graduation" and adds "Every year we actively collaborate with increasingly more companies in the LogiMaster project, and we are very proud of our partnership with Arcese which also brings us extreme satisfaction".