Arcese-FCA agreement: testing of the new e-Ducato, Fiat Professional's first fully electric model, will soon begin

The partnership between the two companies continues under the banner of sustainability, innovation and restarting

With the best hope of a constant recovery, the month of June ended in the name of sustainability and renewed partnerships: like the one between Arcese and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for the use of a prototype of the brand new e-Ducato, the first fully electric model from Fiat Professional, designed for the first and last mile of road transport.

The Ducato Electric was conceived after a careful analysis of the real needs of logistics operators who require access to those large, urban centres that are increasingly characterised by traffic restrictions. With this in mind, Arcese - always attentive to innovations in the sector - has been selected by FCA as a partner for the testing phase of the new electric vehicle.

At the end of June, the two companies met at the FCA Safety Centre in Orbassano in Turin; the objective of the day, in addition to the presentation of the product, was also a track test and technical verification in view of road use. Attending the event were: the Fiat Professional team (represented by Domenico Gostoli, head of LCV Electrification Programs) and Fleet & Business Sales (headed by Ubaldo Della Penna), as well as Matteo Arcese, Lorenzo Piccoli and Carlo La Corte, respectively Executive President, Business Development Director and Technical Director of the Arcese Group.

It is a meeting that not only speaks of an increasing attention on the part of both companies to environmental sustainability, but also - especially in this historical moment - of the desire to give new impetus to their respective businesses in order to move forward and give an important, positive sign to the market and beyond. The partnership is also evidence of a more than tangible commitment on the part of those involved in the constant search for innovative solutions to best meet the needs of its customers. The promise of the new e-Ducato, in fact, is perfectly in line with Arcese expectations: fast, safe, reliable and, above all, “green” urban and near urban distribution services, thanks to the reduction of CO₂ in the atmosphere through the application of a more sustainable mobility model to a significant part of transport services.

During the testing phase, Arcese will have the opportunity to use the new e-Ducato, equipped with a 47-kWh battery, for two months for deliveries in the centre of Milan made by the Arcese hub in Basiano (Milan).

The daily activities of e-Ducato will therefore allow Arcese to serve the metropolitan area of Milan in a green way. The experiment will allow FCA to collect valuable feedback and driving data related to the new vehicle, and also allow Arcese to evaluate the possibility of reinforcing the proposition of low environmental impact vehicles for the first and last mile activities with the e-Ducato.

During the meeting, Domenico Gostoli commented on the renewed partnership: “Fiat Professional, in line with its brand mission dedicated to light commercial vehicles, is proud to be able to respond in a timely manner to the sustainable mobility needs of a customer of Arcese’s strength, with historic excellence in the world of international transport. The integration of the respective professional skills becomes a key and important element in the integration of two companies with complementary needs that are both oriented towards the same objective of environmental sustainability.”

These objectives are shared by Matteo Arcese – Executive President of the Arcese Group – who said that “We are proud to be among the first logistics operators to participate in these tests thanks to a partnership that we can define as truly pioneering in the field of electrification. This is a collaboration that has been going on for many years, which sees us not only as a client of FCA, but also as a transport and logistics service provider for some of the Group's brands. For us, the e-Ducato today represents an important part of the set of initiatives aimed at achieving the goal we have set ourselves in alignment with EU policies and the legislative initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. This is further confirmation of our company's commitment to representing a socially-responsible business model."