Arcese Cosulich: operations in Turkey continue safely

The Group's subsidiary in Turkey has remained operational during the COVID-19 emergency: today, the commitment continues to ensure the safe operation of services throughout the entire Supply Chain

Ensuring the operation of services with maximum safety has been a priority for Arcese since the beginning of the health emergency. The company, in fact, immediately introduced all the necessary measures to protect and safeguard the health of its employees, partners and customers at all Group sites.
Arcese Cosulich Turkey, the Group's Istanbul-based subsidiary established in 2008, has also implemented all the necessary actions to contain the risk of contagion in the workplace: thanks to the introduction of smartworking, the physical presence of staff in the company has been limited, while continuing to guarantee the operation of services to all customers even during the lockdown period.

It was essential to continue to rigorously apply all the prevention regulations, limiting the probability of contagion as much as possible: for this reason, in the offices and common areas wearing masks has been established as obligatory and disinfectant gel dispensers have been installed. In addition, daily cleaning and disinfection of the workstations and a more thorough periodic sanitisation of all work environments and equipment is carried out. From the beginning, all drivers have been equipped with necessary personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and disinfectant.

"All these measures have allowed us to continue working without any contagion between our staff and our partners. Moreover, thanks to the joint commitment of employees and collaborators, we are proud to say that we have always remained operational, in order to safeguard the continuity of our customers' supply chain, continuing to guarantee a quality and safe transport service," comments Marek Pusic - Country Manager of Arcese Cosulich in Turkey - who continues: "That is not all: during the emergency, new business opportunities were also created that saw us involved in new markets, such as food and healthcare. In fact, we have organised the transport of basic necessities from Italy to Turkey, as well as urgent medical supplies.”

Arcese Cosulich has over 12 years of experience in the transport and logistics sector: since 2008, the year of its foundation, the company has grown strongly and is now one of the leading logistics operators in the country. In recent years, in fact, the company has expanded its fleet of vehicles dedicated to transport and distribution services offered on Turkish territory, especially in the city of Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey, which controls 70% of international trade. The goal is to achieve increasingly important results and to become the benchmark logistics operator in the connections between Turkey and Europe, and even beyond.