Ventana Serra supports sport in Brazil

A new collaboration that strengthens the Group's link with the world of sport and the values it represents

Ventana Serra do Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary of the Italian parent company, strengthened its ties with the territory and joined the Sociedade Hípica de Minas Gerais as a sponsor during the recent 'peteca' tournament, a sport played with a hand shuttlecock that originated among the Indios tribes of Brazil, considered the first players of this particular sport.
The 2022 Minas Gerais Shuttlecock Championship, promoted by the Sociedade Hípica de Minas Gerais, took place at the Minas Tênis Clube UNIBH Arena. For over 40 years, the tournament has been the most traditional in the Brazilian state, involving 356 athletes divided into 154 teams from 17 sports clubs affiliated with the Minas Gerais Shuttlecock Federation (Fempe).
"It is a pleasure for us to support this sport. This is the second time Ventana has supported an event related to 'peteca', which is widely practised in the state of Minas Gerais. Furthermore, we are pleased with the success of both the women's and men's teams, which placed among the top teams” says Renato Ramos, Project Coordinator of Ventana Serra in Brazil.