Ventana Serra develops logistics in the pharmaceutical sector and obtains GDP certification

The achievement responds to the strategy aimed at diversification of the sectors and internationalisation of its services

Improving customer experience and operational excellence, these are the cornerstones of Ventana Serra's growth strategy with the goal of expanding its scope and offering its customers a wider range of customised solutions.

In confirmation of this dynamic approach to the market, the Balerna branch of Ventana Serra SA has recently obtained the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification for the management of imported and exported shipments of medicinal products for human use. The GDP is a guideline published in 1994 by the European Commission and the certificate was issued by Certiquality, which carried out the audit in February.

In Switzerland, the distribution of pharmaceutical and medicinal products is subject to specific regulations and obtaining GDP certification confirms that the processes and procedures implemented by Ventana Serra SA adhere to best practices in the management of pharmaceutical products, enabling it to offer companies in the sector high quality standards and safety throughout the entire supply chain.

"We are extremely pleased to have attained this certification, which reflects Ventana Serra SA's commitment to ensuring high quality standards for its customers," remarked Stefano Bassani, Country Manager of Ventana Serra SA, who added: "Pharmaceutical logistics are extremely complex and specialised and Pharma is a sector with a lot of growth potential, particularly in Switzerland where this industry has several production sites. Today, we also aim to develop our business by diversifying the sectors in which we operate, and with GDP we can therefore enter the Life Sciences and Health Care market, which is an absolutely new challenge for our Group."

Since 2005, the year it was founded, Ventana Serra SA has been offering international road, air and ocean transport services, as well as storage, distribution, shipping and customs clearance logistics at its Balerna headquarters.