Ventana Serra becomes CargoWise Certified Logistics Provider

An achievement which, by increasing the opportunities for integration with other partners, will allow for even greater efficiency in the services offered

Ventana Serra has recently obtained CargoWise Certified Logistics Provider (CCLP) certification issued by WiseTech Global, following the completion of an assessment programme involving the operations teams of all Italian subsidiaries.

Achieving CCLP status attests to a high level of knowledge of the new transport management system (TMS), a prerequisite for improving the skills and increasing the efficiency of Ventana Serra's operations worldwide.

Ventana Serra thus becomes a full member of an internationally recognised network of forwarders, increasing the opportunities for integration with other partners, with consequent benefits for our customers throughout the service chain.

"We are proud of this achievement, which is the result of an important team effort", says Silvano Cavallotto - General Manager of Ventana Serra - who continues: "This achievement is further confirmation of our quest for the continuous improvement of processes and systems, aimed at increasing efficiency and the customer experience".

Following the implementation in Italy, the progressive roll-out programme of processes and systems to all Ventana Serra group companies will resume during 2021, following strategies and methods that are consistent with the current pandemic situation.