Road Freight Services update

Here are the updates for our services in Italy following the recent measures issued by the Government

In order to contain and manage the coronavirus epidemic, on 22nd March further measures have be taken by Italian Authorities will lead to the closure of many commercial and production businesses considered as not strictly necessary and indispensable in giving the population essential goods and services. The stop begins on Monday 23rd March, and companies have two days to be compatible with this measure, therefore by 25th March.

Our services are included among the essential categories, therefore we kindly ask all customers to help us and check if recipients are open before entrusting us shipments thus avoiding the management of stock practices in an already critical period such as the current one.

Furthermore, and in order to better manage operations, we inform you that all shipments (including those entrusted to us by Friday 20th March) will be returned to the sender as they cannot be delivered for the reasons above. These actions are necessary in order to protect the integrity of the goods and allow you to resume operations with maximum efficiency at the end of this emergency and the limits imposed.

All our branches and partners are operating in Italy and Europe, and we are trying to limit the impact of Covid19 emergency on activities as much as possible in order to guarantee the best possible level of service. However, the health emergency is causing critical issues and limits on operations that cannot guarantee delivery times offered up to now and mandatory deadlines for deliveries entrusted to us.

Since this situation is constantly evolving, we will keep you informed on any updates.

We would like to thank all our Customers for the trust they have placed in Arcese and we are doing our best to keep our services at a constant great level, as usual.