From Heathrow to Rome: Arcese delivers medical devices by urgent transport for Italian Civil Protection

A door-to-door solution managed with maximum security and speed

Arcese handled medical devices involving over 1.5 million visors and 1.8 million masks, with more loads last May from Heathrow airport to the Civil Protection Department headquarters in Rome. The important cargo arrived by air from China and landed in London: from there, Arcese managed the urgent delivery by taking care of all activities: from customs clearance and related customs operations, to collection and delivery to the final destination.

Due to the reduction in air transport capacity, the goods were transported on several flights from China to London. In this, Arcese has demonstrated its flexibility by promptly organising road transport for a total of 13 complete trucks and over 8,300 parcels. Considering the urgency and importance of the load, the vehicles travelled by optimising stops - made exclusively at the Arcese offices in Belgium and Italy - or with two drivers, in order to guarantee an even safer and faster service.

Arcese acted as the coordinator between the Customer, the importer and the customs operator, guaranteeing a door-to-door service in line with the customer's requests, despite the difficulties due to the health crisis, also taking care of the verification of the material and providing all of the necessary support to obtain the necessary documentation for the export.

"We are proud to have put our logistical skills and our global network at the service of Italy, thanks to this delivery of first-class medical equipment for operators and medical staff working in hospitals," says Guido Pietro Bertolone - Ceo of Arcese Group, who continues: "We offered an efficient and reliable end-to-end solution, thanks to the collaboration of the Road Freight FTL departments in Rovereto and Road Freight LTL in Treviso. Each of the Arcese people involved has demonstrated their utmost professionalism, making a real difference!"

During a time of emergency, such as that recently experienced and the phase of progressive resumption in progress, the logistics and transport sector is therefore reconfirmed as an indispensable element to be able to guarantee, not only the supply of basic necessities, but also to support industries and the global production system.