COVID-19 health emergency: update on Arcese operations in France

Our transports, collection and distribution services are guaranteed throughout France with a particular focus on employees’ safety

Arcese France continues to ensure its operations and services during this complicated time, aiming to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 emergency on operations so as to ensure the best possible level of service to our customers.

Arcese France thus continues to offer on a regular basis their distribution services in the Parisian region guaranteeing their transport services throughout the whole country, including urgent deliveries, with deliveries which are binding and short transit times.. Thanks to a strong network and collaborations with excellent partners we guarantee regular connections to and from France with the main European countries, although there might be a lower number of weekly trips and transit times will be subject to confirmation by our Operations Team.

Arcese France has also increased its logistics services by making large surface areas available in its own warehouses for storing goods with short and medium time-frames. This is a great solution for many customers who are having to deal with the prolonged closure of companies and shops, as well as potential new emergencies that may arise, even at last minute.


The Arcese Group operates in many communities nationally and internationally, all of our actions aim to first and foremost protect the health and safety of our employees who work tirelessly to overcome the unique challenges posed by this exceptional.

Arcese France's work organisation has been modified and organised as follows: for some roles, smart working has been activated, whilst the presence of operational staff in our branches is still ensured, where we operate with reduced staff in compliance with all the indicated prevention measures. These include the use of PPE when necessary and social distancing. The same measures are applied to all warehouse staff who are also operational during these weeks and correctly trained and updated on safety regulations.

We have also increased the sanitation and cleaning of working environments and tools, and we are also actively involved in checking that all the requirements in place are respected by our organisation, and by all partners and suppliers.