Arcese's commitment to sustainability recognised by Michelin

Arcese among the virtuous companies to receive the certificate for sustainable tyre management

The Michelin Italy initiative aims to involve and inspire strategic partners in the field of mobility and give visibility to companies that contribute to more sustainable mobility through careful tyre management.
Arcese and Michelin have been actively collaborating since 2015 with the aim of optimising the use and consumption of the Group's fleet tyres. For the second year in a row, Arcese has been awarded this accolade, which is based on objective data from tyre measurements. Specifically, a saving of 1023 tonnes of CO2 - the equivalent of about 90,000km travelled by a truck and corresponding to a saving of about 380 tonnes of raw material - was recognised for Arcese for the year 2022.
"The path we have taken towards a sustainable business model is part of the broader project of sharing sustainability initiatives with our partners and customers with the aim of raising awareness and spreading best practices throughout the supply chain," said Carlo La Corte - Sustainability Manager at Arcese. "The partnership with Michelin is based on the sharing of these values, and the recognition received confirms our commitment to guaranteeing, in addition to greater safety, increasingly sustainable mobility.
"The actions implemented to promote sustainable mobility, which in the field of freight transport also take the form of the use of regrooved and retreaded tyres, have a positive impact on both the environment and operating costs. The certificate for sustainable tyre management concretely expresses Arcese' s excellent achievements. This is a source of pride for us and underlines how caring for the planet can generate economic benefits for companies that respect it." - said Enrico Spinelli, Michelin's Director of B2B Sales & Services and Solutions.