Arcese at the Maratona Dles Dolomites Marathon: love and #respect at the 2017 edition.

Even this year, the partnership between Arcese and the Maratona Dles Dolomites is renewed with a series of unique initiatives.

Arcese Group will be attending the next edition of the Maratona (Marathon) Dles Dolomites, one of the most popular sports events in Italy and worldwide.

Even this year, Arcese has organised a rich programme of events and initiatives throughout the entire marathon for all participants, both little ones and grown-ups. We look forward to meeting all guests at the Arcese Kids Village, right in front of the marathon finishing line in Corvara, for the award ceremony of the “Maratona For Kids By Sportful”. During the ceremony there will also be a one-man show by Rafael, the versatile entertainer, presenter, wizard, and ventriloquist. After the ceremony, there will be a magic show dedicated to the younger cyclists but also appreciated by the older ones.

Afterwards, Mr. Balloon will entertain you with his two shows at 14:30 and 16:30 at the Marathon Village, where he will enchant the participants with a spectacle conceived exclusively for the Marathon’s audience, while the entertainment staff will keep the younger ones busy with games and gadgets at the Arcese stand.

The events will continue also on Sunday, 2 July, when Arcese’s staff will perform from 10:00 at the Arcese Kids Village, involving adults and youngsters in games and dances. At 11:30, the popular artist and cartoonist, Fabio Vettori, will entertain children with his drawings. The day will continue with magic shows, baby disco, and balloon shows until 16:00.

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Events and more. Arcese rides also in the name of #respect

This year, the Dles Dolomites Marathon’s common thread is love. Arcese has enthusiastically embraced the 2017 theme and given it its own personal twist to raise awareness on another value extremely dear to us: mutual respect among all road users. As a freight company and logistics operator, our vehicles travel across the roads of Europe. That’s why we are aware of how important mutual respect among drivers, bikers, and cyclists is, especially after recent events.

This is how the #respect campaign was conceived. Our new gadget, the Arcese tattoo, which blends love and mutual respect with its exclusive graphics, will be distributed during the marathon. The participants of the Marathon will be the first spokespeople of the initiative intended to go beyond the routes of the event.

The training of our travelling force has always been a priority for the Arcese Group, today as never before. All our drivers undergo continuous training on Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) and eco-driving. In 2016 the hours dedicated to the drivers’ training were 1942. In the past few years, we have also implemented on-board equipment, eliminating blind spots to reduce the number of accidents.

The Dles Dolomites Marathon confirms to be a precious opportunity for Arcese to share and convey extremely important values, using sports to raise the awareness of every road user.