Arcese and Renault strengthen their collaboration in Spain

Arcese España has recently entered into an agreement with the French car manufacturer for storing and sequencing of wheels for production lines

The partnership between Renault and Arcese started in 2017, when the French car manufacturer entrusted Arcese España to manage their inbound and outbound logistics flows of raw materials and semi-finished products for the Renault Motores plant in Valladolid.
The activities carried out at the two Arcese plants, which cover a surface of over 30,000 m2 and are located near the client’s one, include the management of 5,200 products and over 120 shipments a day.

Recently, a new job order has been added to this activity, which includes the storage and preparation in sequence of tyre orders for feeding the production lines. The flow management is ensured by Arcese’s WMS software, which is fully integrated with the client’s systems; this allows Arcese to carefully monitor the inbound goods and prepare the orders quickly.

Based on the client’s production requirements, Arcese has implemented a system, which allows to receive real time orders corresponding to the orders of cars given by the assembly line, following the exact sequence with which they will be manufactured.
Each shipment includes a trailer of tyres equal to 54 orders, or tyres intended for 54 cars in production. Moreover, Arcese has implemented a brand new automatic system for loading the truck in just 3 minutes.

This new business is extremely important for Arcese; this collaboration with Renault enriches and consolidates our expertise in the automotive logistics sector”, said José Luis Iranzo - Country Manager of Arcese España - who continued: “The extension of our services for Renault confirms how Arcese can ensure reliability besides customised and highly professional technical solutions.”