Ventana Serra Do Brasil arranges the first SIPAT event

In July, Ventana Serra Do Brasil launched the first SIPAT event (Internal Week of Prevention of Accidents at Work) to promote accident prevention, safety, and health at work.

This project involved the subsidiaries of Guarulhos, Belo Horizonte, and Contagem to encourage health and safety culture in the workplace. Special projections and training sessions attended by everyone are just a few examples of the activities arranged in the subsidiaries. This initiative is only the first step to the certification and measurement process that will be developed in the coming years by the Brazil-based company.

Flávia Federico, Human Resources Manager for Ventana Serra Brazil said: “Our employees’ health and safety is extremely important. This is why we joined this initiative. In addition, as a transportation and logistics company, our employees are exposed to several risks; therefore we are committed to informing and training them on these issues. But this is also an opportunity for us to empower the single employee and give value to prevention.”

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