Arcese bets on Liquefied Natural Gas

Arcese Group’s is committed in promoting efficient and sustainable logistics. The company is testing the first LNG vehicles as an alternative to traditional fuels.

Arcese has been an active part of Italy’s LNG network project since 2015. This also involves Iveco, major rail terminals, and natural gas producers and distributors. The goal is to analyse the performance of LNG-fuelled engines and assess the use of this type of vehicles in heavy haulage. In particular, in July and August, Arcese has started testing LNG performance in terms of consumption and savings, but also in terms of engine autonomy and reliability under load. LNG technology provides substantial benefits, and not just from an environmental point of view. Compared to traditional fuels, liquefied natural gas allows for greater savings, helps reduce NOx emissions (-35%), particulate (-95%), CO2 (-10%), and noise level by an average of 5 Decibels compared Diesel versions.

“We have completed the tests and, while we are waiting for the analysis of the collected data, we can confirm our interest in investing in LNG as an alternative to diesel. This would make our transport services even more sustainable” stated Arcese’s FTL Operations Vice President, Marco Manfredini. “We are currently implementing a series of activities and projects in research and technology innovation to ensure environmental and economic sustainability. Thanks to our Eco-Driving programme, all our drivers are regularly trained on safer and eco - driving. We have been committed to the European Marco Polo project since 2011, aiming at reducing – by intermodal transport – the congestion on road infrastructure and protect the environment by transferring freight to greener modes (rail and sea).