Arcese launched a new intermodal route for FCA in Italy

Arcese strengthens partnership with the automotive group: the functional company train that provides daily connection between Turin and Cassino, serving the FCA plant.

Arcese Group recently launched a new railway service connecting Turin and Cassino (in Lazio Region) and vice versa. Operated by the Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana (CFI), the connection guarantees 5 weekly departures.

The railway convoy, organized with 14 swap bodies and 17 traditional wagons, transports automotive components from the Mirafiori plant, as well as the material collected by suppliers in Italy and Europe (France, Germany, Belgium UK) and consolidated at the Arcese branch of Rivalta (Turin). Similarly, empty containers are managed.

Thanks to the collaboration with the best rail operators, we are able to quickly connect the main destinations in Italy and Europe with daily connections, guaranteeing our customers definitive load slots. This is the commitment and advantage we offer to our customers who choose Arcese intermodal services”, commented Marco Manfredini, COO from Arcese.  “Not only does Turin's choice of rail terminal allow us to optimise north-south flows: thanks to its strategic position, it is an important hub for commercial traffic between Northern and Southern Italy and for relaunch throughout Europe”.

In addition, the order also has strengthened the partnership between Arcese and FCA in the optics of sustainability: the intermodal route has shifted a flow previously carried out via road leading to a reduction of approximately 3900 tons of Co2 in a year. The launch of this connection for Arcese therefore demonstrates not only the strengthening and growth of the relationship with a strategic customer of significant importance, but also the shared commitment of promoting consistently efficient and sustainable logistics.