Arcese Group share a message of global inclusion

On International Women's Day, the Group and employees around the world highlight the shared value of inclusion and the commitment to celebrate it every day.

During the week of International Women Day, Arcese Group and all its branches around the world share reflections on the issues of diversity and inclusion in a broader way. Equal rights between men and women, the elimination of discrimination based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and the recognition of diversity as wealth are in fact becoming the beacon of the international economic world. For Arcese D&I means creating a working environment in which differences are recognized as a value, allowing everyone to feel like themselves and therefore to work at their best, with positive impacts on the climate and work results. An initiative that highlights the shared values ​​of inclusion and sustainability, as well as Arcese's commitment to celebrating them every day.

Best wishes to those who experience diversity as wealth every day.