Arcese and Cesvi against poverty: The Orange Project’s results in progress

Arcese and Cesvi’s collaboration has helped develop the community of Maramani.

At the end of 2016, Arcese started collaborating with Cesvi donating a sum to the organisation to support “Orange Project”. This initiative aims at the sustainable economic development of the community of Maramani, one of Zimbabwe’s poorest areas, where over 32% of the child population is affected by malnutrition.

After just a few months, the results have already exceeded any expectations. Thirty rows of orange trees were planted thanks to Arcese’s donation. A remarkable figure, considering that the implementation is increasing production considerably.

Thanks to Arcese’s support the initiative has involved additional numerous Maramani families in a project carried out directly by them. Arcese’s commitment to “Orange Project” has allowed 255 beneficiaries (on average 5 members per family) to be involved in the cultivation of over 20 tons of oranges in a 120-hectare area.

Every family can cultivate their own land and sell the oranges they produce at the local and national market, thus generating sufficient income to feed their children and ensuring their education.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far. We can see the joy in the eyes of the Maramani children who are surrounded by renewed landscapes made of wonderful rows of orange trees and innovative irrigation systems.

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