COVID-19 emergency: updates on Arcese Group services

Our company has taken specific measures to ensure our services are provided with maximum security inside and outside our company

Our thoughts are with all our collaborators which make us very proud showing their commitment daily, allowing our country not to stop and continue to be competitive in Europe and worldwide. In the same way we thank all our Customers who rely on the professionalism and efficiency of our services, also in this very challenging time, demonstrating once again trust in our operations.

Arcese Group continues to carry out their activities internationally in full compliance with all the measures given by Government Authorities in order to protect health of employees and partners as much as possible. For this reason, many actions and measures have been taken according to local update and evolutions. Here are some of the actions taken in Italy

EMPLOYEES: use of smart working for workers who have requested it and whose job can be efficiently performed even remotely from their homes. As far as possible, the physical presence of employees in the branches and operating departments has been reduced; personnel have been protected by increasing space between the workstations. Furthermore, a health insurance coverage for all employees has been provided in Italy with the aim of extending it to the Group's external companies.

PERSONNEL PROTECTION: all safety measures given by Government Authorities in terms of employee health protection have been taken:

  • Daily cleaning and sanitization of rooms, environments, workstations, changing rooms and common areas;
  • Common areas have limited accesses (canteens, changing rooms and smoking areas) with the provision of continuous ventilation of the rooms, a reduced parking time and with the maintenance of the safety distance of one meter between people;
  • Common areas have limited access (canteens, changing rooms and smoking areas) which means: constant ventilation for rooms, less average time spent inside these areas, maintenance of safety distance of one meter between people
  • Personal protective equipment (gloves and masks) has been provided to drivers and personnel who are in contact with external persons;
  • Awareness campaigns have been spread and hand sanitizers are available in all branches as an additional prevention method.

BRANCH /SITE MEASURES: access to the branches is allowed in accordance with the measures implemented by the Italian Government and respecting their privacy.

At present, Arcese Group branches in Italy and abroad are fully operational, however shipments arriving and departing from Italy may be slowed down due to the strengthening of the preventive measures put in place by Arcese and its partners. All our staff is an active part and involved in minimizing the effects of this emergency on the levels of service offered.

The situation is subject to continuous updates which we reserve the right to communicate promptly to all interested parties.