Logistics grows, evolves and women clearly have a role to play

Who said logistics is a man’s world just because it’s full of trucks and forklifts? If it is true that it’s an area often associated with typically male jobs, it is even more true that today, this industry is more behind the times than ever. This is demonstrated by all of the women who carry out Arcese’s mission with passion and expertise every day, each in her own field and role. Sales management, operations and IT & Processes are just some of the areas where women work within our company.

Our business solutions are based on commercial interactions, international connections and, above all, the enthusiasm and passion of all our employees. In every country and every field that we operate in, it’s our employees who make the difference: from managers to administrative officers, from forklift truck drivers to lorry drivers, from process planners and software developers to shipping operators.

This is why one of the cornerstones of Arcese’s Code of Ethics is to guarantee equal opportunities for all, Arcese employees are employed exclusively on the basis of their skills and professionalism. And this is why the women who work for Arcese can play stereotypically male roles, for example taking more responsibility. And that’s not all, it’s thanks to the collaboration of the strengths of both male and female employees that our team is constantly able to succeed, making diversity an added value. But not only that, more and more women are overlooking the stereotypes and entering this sector thanks to a change in the skills required, which are increasingly diverse.

Here are some stories about Arcese women who, through their commitment and determination, show us every day that yes, everyone and every woman can!

Andreea Malureanu

Pick & Pack Supervisor

As a fashion lover, being able to discover what goes on “behind the scenes” of the luxury brands that are then seen in shop windows is a unique opportunity. After all, what woman wouldn’t love to work with fashion every single day? And that’s just one of the reasons why I love my job.

I chose this sector because I was looking for a stimulating and dynamic job, and that’s what I like the most: the opportunity to face new challenges every day, knowing I can rely on a fantastic team that I’m proud to have helped create and grow.

In fact, since I started working in the fashion warehouse in London as a Warehouse Operative in 2017, I’ve been continuously developing. Currently, I’m the Pick & Pack Supervisor for the fashion industry, a crucial area of our business, and I manage a team of 11 people. This and the fact there is a lot of trust in me has helped me to grow both professionally and personally.

My role requires planning and organisation skills but that’s not all, I also mediate between the warehouse, the customer and company management in the process of planning and implementing new projects, for example when we get a new customer with different operational procedures or efficiency plans.

In carrying out my daily activities, I am also required to have outstanding problem-solving and time management skills, as well as the ability to interact and deal with clients.

But it’s not always easy, working in the fashion industry is extremely dynamic and it is driven by very high demand volatility.
My team and I have the skills to respond to these peaks in volume in the best possible way, and thus be able to guarantee the level of service that the customer requires. This is perhaps the most challenging aspect of my job – successfully managing time and priorities.

If you asked me if I had ever thought about working in this sector, I could only say that I became involved in logistics by chance, after obtaining a degree in Foreign Trade (Bacharel em Administração de Empresas com ênfase em Comercio Exterior), and at that time I probably never would have imagined becoming an Operations Manager for an international logistics operator.

It all started by chance with my first job in an import/export company, at that time I knew nothing about trade, logistics or shipping. It was there that I started a career in the industry, and I worked there until 2006 when I joined the Arcese Group. I started out as an Operations Supervisor in the Belo Horizonte office; in 2011 I was transferred to Sao Paulo after being promoted to Operations Manager for Brazil where

I was responsible for a total of six branches and 86 people. Then, in 2017, Ventana Serra decided to expand its services in order to guarantee a 360 service to customers in South America and I was therefore also made responsible for the Road Freight operations department. This was a twofold challenge both for me, personally, because I found myself managing a business that I didn’t know as well, and professionally, for the company, because it was a new business with new processes, new operations and new demands. Today I can say with confidence that we have been able to transfer our experience and efficiency in the sea and air sectors to the road sector as well.

What I love most about my job is the opportunity to face new challenges every day, dealing with customers and suppliers in order to always find the best solution for both. It’s not always easy, because these “stakeholders” have different countries, languages, time zones and regulations, so my job is to try to standardise everything as much as possible, collaborating with all of the parties in the supply chain and particularly with my team, supporting and motivating them to try to get the best out of everyone.

Claudia Almeida

Claudia Almeida

Operations Director

Chiara Peluso

IT Logistics Business Partner

Is logistics a sector for men only? Nothing could be more wrong, and a woman who is passionate about logistics says so! At the beginning of my professional path, after my graduation, I started working in the transports sector and about 3 years ago I joined Arcese – it was almost a “love at first sight” and there I understood that logistics is what I really want to do and I like.

Perhaps because it is a dynamic and constantly evolving sector and urgent needs are always around the corner! It is expected that it these will be managed with a promptness and problem solving skills. In short, you never get bored.

Having the role of IT Logistics Business Partner, I have the opportunity to deal with very different businesses: I am the link between IT and Contract Logistics Operations, my job is to meet the needs of each business in terms operational processes (and vice versa), translate them into BR (Business Requirements) and take care of the planning of all activities, trying to complete them within the deadlines.

An example? I am currently working on adapting our management system – so far never used for the fashion sector – to the needs required by the fashion sector, with the aim of optimizing goods movements in warehouse and thus providing a better service to our customers.
In general, there are a few challenges in this area and the commitment and dedication required are significant; the activity in which I get great satisfaction is the training to colleagues working in Operations who are the heart of logistics activities and when I can see the results of my work.