Ventana Serra do Brasil arranges the 4th edition of SIPAT event

Main topic of the event: quality of life, mental health and ergonomics at work

In September, Ventana Serra Do Brasil launched the fourth edition of SIPAT event (Internal Week of Prevention of Accidents at Work) to promote accident prevention, safety, and health at work. The project involved all 9 branches in Brasil and more than 150 colleagues to encourage health and safety culture in the workplace.
This year’s theme was “Quality of life, mental health and ergonomics”. Special webinars and training sessions were organized and held by sustainability experts, psychologists and professionals during the week.

Sabrina Matos, HR & Business Process Manager for Ventana Serra Brazil said: “Our employees’ health and safety is extremely important. This is why we joined this initiative. People first is our motto: every company that invests in quality of life and safety at work earns positive points in its organizational climate. I would like to thank all collegues for their commitment and participation in our initiative!”