The “Road to New York” social project kicks off. The destination? A very special marathon

Arcese is teaming up with Dr Gabriele Rosa and Rosa&Associati to bring 5 exceptional athletes to the New York marathon

Arcese has been on the path of corporate responsibility for some years now, and this has translated into sustainable policies. We believe that operating in a sustainable way means understanding how much the success of a company is connected to the value of the people who work in it, as well as of the environment and the culture in which they operate.

That’s why, in 2018, our array of initiatives has a new project: Road to New York. This initiative — in partnership with Dr Gabriele Rosa, Rosa&Associati, and the Brescia Marathon Centre — will allow 5 kids with Down’s Syndrome to take part in the 2018 New York Marathon, confirming our commitment to social inclusion and the removal   of any type of barrier. Each kid will be accompanied in this adventure by a friend or family member, who will support and motivate them. Two of these special athletes – Lorenzo Zulberti with his father, Remo and Andrea Degli Esposti with his sister Giulia – will participate thanks to Arcese’s contribution.

After a first functional evaluation in spring, participants started to train for the New York Marathon, each with a different goal but all with big dreams. These athletes will have the opportunity to run these 42 kilometres and 125 metres of the marathon well-aware of the effort but with the joy of being part of a truly special event. A joy for themselves, the people with the same syndrome, and everyone who supports them. On 4th of November, the crowd will be ready to cheer them on and make them feel like the superheroes they are.

There are a few stops to make on the Road to New York, including new functional evaluations to fine-tune and continue the training programme. These evaluations will be followed by weekly training sessions and two important sports events: the io21zero97 half marathon on Sunday 23rd September in Val Camonica and the Deejay Ten on the 14th of October in Milan. Then, New York at last, where, for 5 days, official events and moments of pure leisure will make this initiative a memorable opportunities for these young athletes.

I’ve had the pleasure to see one of my athletes come first at the New York Marathon for a whopping 11 times” said Dr Gabriele Rosa. “I cannot describe the excitement every time! However, I am sure I will be more than happy to see my special athletes cross the finish line on 4th November. I am helping them prepare for this adventure and I can’t wait to cheer them on at the finish line! These guys are wonderful, and their soul really touches me. Those who know me know that’s not something that happens often!”.

Arcese is happy to share Dr Rosa’s enthusiasm in announcing our participation in the project. “This initiative further confirms Arcese’s close relationship with sport and its positive values” said Arcese Group’s President, Matteo Arcese. “We have always believed that sport is one of the most effective ways to ensure social integration. That’s why we are always so willing to promote and support it. Effort, consistency, and commitment will help our athletes to gain awareness of their strength and determination, even thanks to more social events. Running that marathon will demonstrate their capabilities and will be an exceptional experience that will boost their self-awareness and make reach higher levels of independence.”


Gabriele Rosa is a cardiologist and sports physician, as well as one of the most renowned trainers in the world athletics scenario. During the ‘90s, Dr Rosa developed a training method that has allowed his athletes to win over one hundred international marathons and prestigious medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships. He is the President of Rosa&Associati Group and a Faculty Member of the University of Brescia.


This company has been specialising in marketing and consulting services for the world of international sports, and in particular running, for more than 20 years. They manage over 200 athletes all over the world. Rosa&Associati also promotes projects revolving around sports and wellness for people with illness, children, and subjects at risk.