A green partnership to contribute to the success of the "Pollinate the Planet" project

The Group continues its commitment to a sustainable and responsible supply chain

At Arcese we are committed to acting ethically and responsibly, aware that our activities and choices have an impact on the environment, people and society in which we operate. In developing and delivering our services, we strive to reduce the impact generated by our activities and support environmental protection.

Our goal is to develop a responsible supply chain, which is why we also choose partners who share our vision, values and concern for the environment when selecting suppliers, so that we can also become partners in growth.

These include Sadesign, a company specialising in original and creative promotional merchandising, which has always been sensitive to environmental protection. Thanks to the collaboration between Arcese and SaDesign in 2021, it was possible to make a concrete contribution to the "Pollinate the Planet" project conceived by 3Bee, an agri-tech company specialising in the development of intelligent monitoring systems to protect honeybees.

Specifically, thanks to this partnership, in 2021 we have contributed to the protection of over 1500 bees living in a dozen hives located between the Molveno and Rotaliana plain in Trentino. We have thus supported the preservation of biodiversity through the protection of honeybees, which are invaluable to our environment as they are responsible for around 70% of the pollination of all plant species on the planet, providing about 35% of global food production.

And that's not all: by supporting the 'Pollinate the Planet' project, we have also been able to give considerable help to beekeepers, the true champions of preserving biodiversity and spreading the word about the importance of the extraordinary work of these tiny creatures and what they do for the environment and thus, for mankind.
We are proud to have supported the project by taking care of our planet for an increasingly sustainable world!


We would like to thank Azienda Agricola Manuel Wegher in Molveno for sharing their shots of our bees with us.