The effects of the Chinese New Year on global supply chains

How to transform a logistical challenge into an opportunity for companies and operators in the sector all over the world

Millions of people around the world are preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year, which will fall on Sunday 22 January this year. Also known as Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, this day is considered one of the most important holidays in China and also involves other East Asian countries, including Bhutan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore and Vietnam.
It is a major event that also affects the transport and logistics sector globally due to the extension of national holidays, which see many commercial and industrial activities closed for several weeks, with a consequent return to the usual pace of production after four or even six weeks. Therefore, the criticality and impact generated on global supply chains in terms of cargo capacity, possible delays and transit time must be carefully evaluated.
In this context, it is essential to rely on a strategic partner such as Ventana Serra that can support your business needs by managing import/export flows in the best possible way. Thanks to a worldwide network and allocations with major airlines and shipping carriers globally, Ventana guarantees cargo capacity and reserved space to/from major international destinations along with maximum reliability.

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