The Arcese Group celebrates the 1st anniversary of Milan's multimodal hub

A positive balance sheet and growing business activities for the multimodal hub of Basiano just over a year after its inauguration

A year ago, during this period, the new Arcese branch in Basiano was inaugurated, one of the most important investments recently made by the Arcese Group for the development of its business and attention to the environment. Located in one of the key areas of European logistics, the multimodal platform, Class A2, it consists of 60,000 square metres set over a total area of about 100,000 square metres dedicated to the activities of the 3 business units of the Arcese Group: Road Freight, Air & Sea and Contract Logistics.

The property stands out not only for its high energy efficiency, but also for the innovative construction methods used, also aimed at minimising its environmental impact. The 280 kWp photovoltaic park, whose energy production is for the site’s direct consumption, is part of this strategy: to date, the plant—with its surface area of 1670 square metres—has produced more than 250,000 kWh of clean energy.

The site is a key hub for Arcese's distribution services in Italy—where the company has 38 platforms—and abroad with 43 countries served in Europe. Basiano is the main logistics hub of the Group, it provides global customers with a local presence and contact point for air, sea and logistics services.

A year later, therefore, the Basiano hub is confirmed as a winning investment, recording the results that have so far confirmed the strategic nature of this choice: since its inauguration, the branch has moved about 1,200,000 m³ of goods for a total of 550,000,000 kg taxable. More than 166,000 vehicles have passed through in one year of operation.

Excellent results were also achieved thanks to professional and competent staff, that today totals more than 160 employees between central functions and operations and that have allowed the subsidiary to enjoy an excellent reputation in terms of efficiency and reliability of service.

"In Lombardy in recent years, we have seen steady growth, and thanks to this new structure we are expanding and further developing our business together with that of our customers" says Guido Pietro Bertolone, CEO of Arcese, and he continues: "Basiano represents a new hub model, the first step towards an infrastructural strengthening of the Italian network aimed at national and international connections in view of future new openings. It represents for us a pole of excellence, a laboratory where we can put into practice new best practices: new technologies in terms of digitisation in the management of the flow of goods, video analysis to support logistics processes, yard management and much more."