Digitisation and innovation: Arcese announces the start of the e-CMR Italy pilot project

The Group at the forefront of the project that looks to the future of logistics and among the first to start testing

Arcese has recently joined 'Towards the implementation of the e-CMR system', the initiative launched by Unioncamere with the technical support of Uniontrasporti that aims to digitise and simplify logistics procedures for road transport. The project, which has now entered the testing phase with the launch of a series of pilots, involves other Italian transport and logistics companies
In September, the e-CMR process will be used by Arcese for a number of international transports - on a well-defined and controlled traffic perimeter - with the aim of testing its use in the operational context and, thanks to specific KPIs, detecting potential benefits and obstacles or difficulties in its use. With the e-CMR, sender, transporter and consignee can receive real-time notifications on key steps in the transport process (pick-up, transport, delivery) and on the integrity status of the goods, triggering any proactive actions, or enabling the billing process of the transport service as soon as the goods are delivered.
Arcese was at the forefront in joining the project: the digitisation of transport documents is in fact a key factor in increasing the competitiveness of the service offered and the quality of supply chain services by enhancing their efficiency. To date, the e-CMR has been ratified in 30 European countries and Italy's goal is to be one of the next.
"We expect positive results from this pilot, in addition to raising the awareness of all players in the supply chain, and also a boost to the process of ratification of the protocol by the Italian government. Ours is a rapidly changing industry and e-CMR is a key element to support the transformation of our processes driven by the strong push towards digitisation,' commented Emanuele Arcese - Road Freight FTL Director and continues "Not only operational efficiency, thanks to more accurate data the digital standard increases transparency and security along the entire supply chain, not forgetting the important implications in terms of sustainability."