Spain and Germany are now increasingly connected thanks to the new Arcese services

Introducing new weekly connections from the Iberian Peninsula to key industrial points in Europe

Arcese is pleased to be launching weekly services linking Spain with Germany and the rest of Europe, with the aim of strengthening trade relations between these countries. This new connection was developed as a response to the increase in trade between Spain and Germany, making this country one of the main economic partners of the Iberian peninsula.

The service is aimed at companies exporting goods from Spain and Portugal to the north of France, Germany, the Benelux countries and Eastern Europe. This service is also aimed at companies importing from these countries, particularly those operating in retail distribution, automotive and industrial sectors.

Currently, this service is able to guarantee 2 departures per week, both full load and groupage, with the possibility of expanding such freight consolidation service in Barcelona, Madrid and Irún branches and distributing to as much of Germany as possible, starting from the destination hub in the Ruhr area. We’re looking to increase departures to at least 3 times a week by the beginning of 2021.

Thanks to strong partnerships with local partners, this new distribution line ensures fast and competitive transit times throughout Germany, along with a reliable service thanks to our team’s well-established knowledge and experience.

“The service responds to our strategy of expanding our portfolio of services offered to our customers; we believe that import/export activities will increase in Europe" said Jose Luis Iranzo - Country Manager of Arcese España - continuing: “Thanks to this new connection, we are able to connect Spain with the main industrial centres in the Ruhr area and beyond, in a way that’s quick and efficient”.