Road to New York


Sport and racing as a means of achieving social inclusion and the breaking down of any barrier: this is the aim of the “Road to New York” project, a social initiative implemented by Arcese in collaboration with Rosa Associati to allow 5 youngsters with Down Syndrome to participate in the most famous and anticipated marathon of the year.
With this new project, the link between Arcese and sport and its positive values ​​is strengthened. Therefore sport is understood as an instrument of aggregation and social integration. The 5 youngsters involved in this adventure are the confirmation of this: through effort, consistency and commitment they have managed to reach an exceptional stage of the path towards greater self-awareness and higher levels of autonomy.

The runners


He embarked on the “Per.La.” path, which led him, today, to work at the Caffè Trentino in Arco. Born in 1992, Andrea practices judo, plays the drums and loves music in all its forms, in particular the famous Italian singer, Laura Pausini.