Arcese is pleased to announce the renewal of its Quality, Environment and Safety certifications in Italy

The Group has been continuing with its activities despite the health emergency: not only in terms of carrying out the usual business operations, but also in terms of pursuing its goals

Thanks to the commitment of its employees and partners, Arcese not only adapted its strategy to the Covid-19 emergency promptly, ensuring that it could continue to deliver its services safely, but also received a number of important acknowledgments.  In July, the Certiquality – the Italian Certification Body - carried out the audit for the renewal of the Quality, Environment and Safety certifications (ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018).

The visits were carried out on-site for the Arcese branches in Arco and Rovereto (both near Trento), whilst they took place remotely for Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna), Campogalliano (Modena) and Basiano (near Milan).  Established by Certiquality, this way of inspection is a preventive measure that was applied at the beginning of the health emergency in order to guarantee the maximum safety and protection of all workers and individuals involved in inspection activities. The audits were carried out remotely through interviews and real-time sharing of data and documents, as well as video footage of the sites being audited.

In addition to this renewal, the old OHSAS 18001 standard was upgraded to the new ISO 45001 standard. This updated standard is in fact one of our key goals, especially when seen from the point of view of the health emergency: ensuring the protection of workers and stakeholders is in fact an important goal aimed at improving health and safety, but also at reducing risks.

The result of the audit was more than positive, and at the end of the audit the auditors shared some of the company's strengths, such as the organisation's ability to adapt to the current situation and the company's willingness to operate company's approach to continuous improvement.

“Once again, this year, our company is proud to announce the successful renewal of its Quality, Environment and Safety certifications," comments Paola Arcese - Chief Quality Officer of the Group - continuing: “We’re very much satisfied with the positive outcome, a result made possible by the commitment of everyone within our team, who, in recent months have shown great determination and professionalism, as well as making a special effort to achieve the goals we’d set ourselves. As always, each goal we set is the starting point, enabling us to continue with our commitment to continuous improvement."

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