The Koelliker Group’s spare parts logistics are back on track with Arcese

With the national lockdown phase over, the activities provided for in the five-year agreement signed at the beginning of 2020 resume at full speed

The partnership between Arcese and the Koelliker Group is finally back at full capacity: since the beginning of phase 2, with the consequent reopening of all Dealers and Service Centres, the volumes of orders signed at the beginning of the year by Arcese’s Contract Logistics division in Italy with Koelliker S.p.A. for the management of the spare parts warehouse for the domestic market for the Mitsubishi Motors and SsangYong brands have gradually increased.

Activities had suffered an obvious slowdown during the lockdown period, a situation in which the Koelliker Group has nevertheless decided to keep operational its offices, which continue to make use of smartworking, and spare parts logistics services to the Authorised Service Centres. During this period, Arcese has supported its customer, ensuring full operations and efficient management of all logistics activities.

“By choosing Arcese we knew we could count on a reliable partner, and they have been just that”, says Diego Fiorenzoli – After-Sales Director of Mitsubishi Motors Italia & SsangYong Italia – who continues: “In an uncertain scenario and subject to rapid change as the one in which we are all living, Arcese is constantly by our side, supporting our initiatives and respecting the needs of our two networks of Service Centres. Due to force majeure, we saw a sharp drop in activity in March and April: during this period, Arcese responded flexibly to some urgent requests from our customers, both for the need for deliveries on demand and also for urgent interventions on vehicles directly related to the health emergency”.

The five-year agreement, which began in January 2020, provides for Arcese to manage a dedicated area of approximately 5,000 square metres at its logistics site in Basiano (MI) and to receive, check, and store goods, as well as to prepare orders for over 200 Dealers and Authorised Service Centres in Italy, managing a total of over 30,000 spare part codes.

“We are very satisfied with our partnership with Koelliker”, says Ferruccio Fazio, Sales Director of the Contract Logistics division of the Arcese Group, who continues: “The agreement confirms Arcese’s ability to offer high quality services in the Automotive Aftermaket sector, where the technological and operational performance required by customers is increasingly challenging. Thanks to our experience, we can guarantee an efficient management of the warehouse and stock of components using advanced technologies and an advanced proprietary WMS, which allows the creation of processes aimed at reducing waste and errors, as well as increasing the quality of the level of service offered, whose strengths are speed and innovation”.