Arcese continues to invest in an environmentally friendly fleet with Bio-LNG

Arcese’s logistics are becoming more sustainable thanks to the agreement signed with Vulcangas, the switch to Bio-LNG supplies and the new IVECO S-WAY

Arcese's investments in green logistics continue, this time with a focus on sustainable transport. The collaboration with Vulcangas has been extended with an agreement to integrate the supply of the fleet from LNG to Bio-LNG, a renewable gas with very high potential to reduce its environmental impact.

The agreement was officially signed on the occasion of the first official refuelling of Arcese's IVECO S-way LNG vehicles, which took place on 27th May at the Dalla Bernardina F.lli plant in Sommacampagna,  (near Verona) Italy. The event was attended by Andrea Bosi, Key Account Manager for Vulcangas, Fabrizio Buffa, Alternative Propulsions Manager for IVECO’s Italian Market, as well as Emanuele Arcese, Simona Melai and Carlo La Corte, the latter being Arcese's FTL Road Freight Director, Sustainability Manager and Transport Technical Manager respectively.

This is an important new step towards the decarbonisation of the Group's road transport services, as the use of Bio-LNG allows the new IVECO S-WAY Low Tractor to travel with a single tankful of fuel for around 1350km with real zero impact on the environment.

"LNG vehicles have the advantage of zero particulate emissions and lower CO2 emissions compared to diesel engines, in a Tank-To-Wheel perspective. By using Bio-LNG, which Vulcangas uses from a traced and certified supply chain and which is 100% made in Italy, our aim is to be able to transport goods with minimal impact on the climate, reducing CO2 emissions on the Well-To-Wheel calculation perimeter to almost zero", says Simona Melai, Sustainability Manager at Arcese, who continues: "In this way, we intend to actively contribute to the achievement of the ambitious environmental protection goals to which Europe has already formally committed itself. The partnership with Vulcangas and Iveco underlines our mutual commitment to safeguarding the environment and reducing our, and, indirectly, our customers' carbon footprint".


"It is with enthusiasm and always focusing on the future that we are proud to continue our Carbon Free project, aimed at meeting and satisfying the requirements of the world of road transport pertaining to eco-sustainable logistics. Vulcangas is the first national operator to be able to withdraw from the biorefinery, to transport, release for consumption and certify Bio-LNG, confirming its commitment to reduce 30% of CO2 production attributable to the world of transport," underlines Andrea Bosi, Key Account Manager for Vulcangas, who adds: "We will continue to grow our LNG stations, in constant dialogue with transport logistics to ensure full support and service".


Fabrizio Buffa, Alternative Propulsions Manager for IVECO’s Italian Market, commented on the news: "IVECO and the Arcese Group have been linked for decades by a relationship of esteem and collaboration which, once again, has been reinforced in the footsteps of sustainability.
We are therefore honoured that our vehicles are playing a leading role in the transition to Bio-LNG refuelling, which today is the only solution capable of achieving immediate so-called “carbon neutrality”. Bio-LNG travel is finally a reality, thanks in no small part to the cooperation and foresight of the three companies involved".

"We are proud to be one of the first logistics operators in Italy to use Bio-LNG for our fleet of green vehicles. In recent years, we have made significant investments in this direction. Our modern fleet is a fundamental tool to reduce CO2 emissions, and by the end of the year, 84% of it will be made up of brand new Euro 6 vehicles and 16% of LNG - Euro 6 vehicles",
comments Emanuele Arcese, FTL Road Freight Director for Arcese, and continues: "Our long-term goal is to decarbonise transport, and we will continue to expand our Bio-LNG fleet to achieve this."