Dolce&Gabbana in Harrods’ Christmas windows thanks to Ventana Serra

Ventana Serra and Craftlab have teamed up again to handle and transport the fit-out of the famous Italian brand to London.

This year, all 23 of Harrods’ Christmas windows are dedicated to Italian fashion, thanks to the collaboration between the luxury department store and Dolce & Gabbana. The window displays will give Christmas decorations a traditional Italian twist. A tailor’s shop, a disco dance floor, and the Christmas present opening ritual are some of the scenes on display, in a triumph of puppets, lights, carousels, and Christmas trees.

Arcese has played a primary role in this extraordinary display unveiled on 2 November. In fact, in October, the Cavenago Ventana Serra branch managed the transport of all the material for Craftlab, our client who was in charge of the window fit-out.

We took care of every single detail of the shipment, from the collection of the various materials from suppliers in Italy to the delivery to Harrods based in Knightsbridge, one of London’s most prestigious areas. The volume of materials was quite impressive and required 4 trucks plus many other smaller shipments delivered by dedicated vans.

Ventana Serra and Craftlab first teamed up in early 2017 to manage the transport of window fit-outs in boutiques of important fashion clients in Milan, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, and Puerto Banus. An extremely delicate job, which required the utmost care, precision, and flexibility.