Arcese launches an insurance cover dedicated to COVID-19 infection for all employees in Italy

A health policy has been taken out to cover cases of infection, confirming the company's constant attention to the health and and well-being of all of its employees.

People first. In a challenging situation, like the one we are currently facing, when the current health emergency is putting the whole of Italy and the entire world to the test, even before the impact on the international economy, human lives are at stake, first and foremost.

Arcese has therefore decided to launch protection measures, in addition to the preventive measures already implemented and instructed by the government authorities, by taking out insurance coverage, in the event of coronavirus infection, for all Group employees in Italy in order to further protect its workforce in an exceptional context such as that we are currently facing.

Amongst the first in Italy to do so, the company has signed an agreement for more than 1,300 employees, activating a specific health policy that provides for indemnity in the event of hospitalisation as a result of COVID-19 infection, indemnity for convalescence and a post-hospitalisation assistance package to manage health recovery, along with all family and practical aspects of everyone's daily life.

Given the global reach of the COVID-19 Health Emergency, the company is also exploring the possibility of extending the initiative to the foreign workforce, depending on the availability of the insurance product in the individual countries in which it operates.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 health emergency, Arcese has been actively involved in implementing all necessary regulations in order to contain the spread of infection, through specific measures to defend and control its employees, partners and customers.