COVID-19 emergency: thermal scanning technology among the initiatives evaluated by Arcese

An anticipation of how the company is preparing for business to resume once the acute phase of the health emergency is over

Restart Safely, this is Arcese's priority and to do so it aims to make use of an important ally: technology. As a matter of fact, Arcese is taking preventive measures and evaluating specific equipment to be installed at its operating sites to safeguard the health of its employees and partners with a view to next phase of COVID-19 outbreak and the recommencement of regular economic activity.

In order to protect employees’ health of the Group's branches, which are visited daily by visitors, customers, fleet trucks and transport partners from all over the world, the company is considering the adoption of body temperature measurement at the entrance to its sites as a standard procedure. And for this reason, it has examined the numerous technologies available, selecting the main partners in the sector in order to identify the best solution in terms of response to the requirements and speed of implementation.

Specifically, Arcese is considering a product that uses advanced technology that, thanks to a lens with facial detection, is able to simultaneously detect 16 people’s faces per frame (30ms), with a second thermal camera to measure forehead temperature, and transform it into body temperature with absolute precision (margin of error less than 0.3°C). In this way, the system is able to identify those who are not perfectly healthy, sharing the criteria detected with Safety Team by carrying out actions such as initiating signalling processes, gate blocks, etc.

"The advantage of this technology, in addition to high precision, is the degree of safety: through a sort of "electronic gateway" and thanks to its wide range of actions it prevents gatherings of people or queues" says Francesco Giannini - Security & Loss Prevention Director of Arcese - and concludes: "Thanks to remote sensing, the presence of an operator checking temperatures with an electronic thermometer is therefore not required anymore."

This initiative, which is still under evaluation, would be in addition to all the actions already implemented during the health emergency. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the company has guaranteed operational continuity to its customers by committing itself to keeping its employees, operators and partners in the supply chain safe through multiple actions, such as: activating smart working, for all employees whose work does not necessarily require physical presence on site and which can be carried out efficiently remotely; sanitising environments and tools used during work; distancing operating stations in warehouses and offices as well as distributing personal protective equipment.