Arcese and the Kenya Project

Arcese's collaboration with Rosa Associati continues for the Kenya Project, a charity that - through sport - aims to ensure school education and future new opportunities for children and young people in the West Pokot-Marakwet County in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province.
The partnership for the Kenya project, which began in 2018, has been enriched in recent years with the implementation of 3 projects funded by Arcese with the aim of developing an athletic-school centre that contributes in a concrete way to the promotion of education and health for the growth and development of the territory and the whole country.



Kaptabuk Primary School is a school attended by around 500 pupils from 6 to 14 years old and led by a team of 12 teachers. Rosa Associati has been supporting the school for over 15 years and in 2018, thanks to Arcese’s help, it was able to expand the structure and make important improvements.

The 60-square-metre library, completed at the end of 2020, was officially opened in July 2021 in the presence of students and families together with school staff and Headmaster Geoffry Ptormos.
The library holds about 200 volumes, including school textbooks and books for recreational reading in English and Swahili.
The decision to use modern, recycled and local materials has made it possible to obtain a coherent project that involves everyone and promotes sustainable development within its framework.


The school in Kapsait, in the county of Elgeyo-Marakwet, accommodates over 100 students in the 14-19 age group and is next to the training camp, the first camp created by Rosa Associati and also the highest in the world at 3000 m elevation above sea level, which allows the team's athletes to train for truly unique results. Among the champions of this centre is Brigid Kosgei, world record holder in the women's marathon.

The coach in charge of the camp, Erick Kimaiyo, is also developing very promising work especially with women, increasing their level of competitiveness in major international marathons.

The proximity of the school therefore allows students and athletes to best combine study with athletic training.

The 70 square metre gymnasium was built after four months of intensive work, despite some delays and difficulties due to the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency.
It’s equipped with changing rooms, toilets, a massage therapy room and will soon be fitted with various equipment for muscle strengthening exercises.



At the end of 2021, work has begun on the construction of the kindergarten, which will complete the Kapsait school-athletic centre. The projected completion time is approximately two months, with the aim of inaugurating the school next February 2022.
The school will be one of the few within a 100-kilometre radius and will house two classes for a total of about 30 pre-school children from the small neighbouring villages, enabling them to prepare for primary school. The strong point of the new facility will be the kitchen-dining room, which will allow the young students to stay for afternoon activities.


The intiative confrims itself as a unique project in the world, able to combine education and sport, to give value to athletes and provide young people with the chance to enrich their culture and increase their sporting talent.
These objectives are shared by Arcese, which has always believed in the importance of education, sport and its values as a tool for social integration and personal improvement.
Thanks to the Group's assistance and support, younger students will have easier access to education, while young athletes will be able to make the most of their talent; having the opportunity to carry on their studies while continuing to train at the camp, all without having to deal with long-distance travel that is often very tiring and arduous.

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