Arcese for Kenya

Arcese’s collaboration with Rosa Associati continues for the Kenya Project, a solidarity initiative that – through sport – aims to ensure school education and future new opportunities for children and young people in the West Pokot County in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province.

The partnership for the Kenya Project, which began in 2018, has been enriched in recent years with the confirmation of implementing 3 projects funded by Arcese with the aim of developing an athletic-school centre that contributes in a concrete way to the development of education and health literacy for the growth and development of the territory and the whole country.


The construction of a library at Kaptabuk Primary School is the first of three Arcese funded projects to be successfully completed during 2020.

Kaptabuk Primary School is attended by about 500 pupils aged 6 to 14 years, led by a team of 12 teachers. Rosa & Associati has been supporting the school for over 15 years and in 2018, thanks to Arcese’s assistance, it was able to expand the structure and make important improvements.

The construction works of the Library began in January 2020 and, despite the months of inactivity due to the pandemic and the compulsory closure of the school, the project has finally become a reality. It took 4 months of intense work that saw the enthusiastic participation of the local community, and finally in October the building was officially inaugurated in the presence of some teachers and pupils attending the school.

It is a simple structure made from brick, built according to local standards. The decision to use modern, recycled and local materials has made it possible to obtain a coherent project that involves everyone and promotes sustainable development within its framework. Today, at more than 60 square meters, the library is already welcoming enthusiastic pupils, and is preparing to welcome a donation of around 200 books, including school textbooks and pleasure reads.


The next projects in the programme are the construction of a Pre-Primary school in Kapsait and a sports hall that will be used by the Secondary School, also in Kapsait. The two projects are scheduled to be completed by 2021.


The project involves the construction of an infant school in Kapsait – near Rosa & Associati’s current training camp and the Secondary School opened in 2016 – to accommodate pre-school children, allowing them to prepare for integration at primary school. The building will have a kitchen and dining room and will be able to hold up to two classes, from morning to late afternoon, thus enabling the families of students and young athletes to better focus on their work commitments.


The project involves the construction of a gymnasium to be used by Kapsait Secondary School students, the high school founded in 2016 near Rosa & Associati’s current training camp that is currently attended by many young athletes. The gym includes a physical therapy centre in which to carry out, in addition to various activities, emergency therapy for the benefit of the local population.


This is a unique project in the world, able to combine education and sportto promote athletes and provide young people with the chance to expand their culture and increase their sporting talent.
These objectives are shared by Arcese, which has always believed in the importance of education, sport, and their values as a tool for social integration and personal improvement.
Thanks to the Group’s assistance and support, younger students will be able to access studies with more ease, while young athletes will be able to make the most of their talent; they will have the opportunity to carry on their studies while continuing to train at the camp, all without having to deal with distance travel that is often very long and arduous.

For over 20 years they have been involved in marketing and consulting in the world of sports at an international level, particularly in running, where they manage over 200 athletes worldwide. The company also promotes sports-related wellness projects aimed at particular categories of patients and children.

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