Chillers from accross the ocean: a special shipment for Ventana Serra

Shipments beyond borders for the Arcese Group company which has recently managed an important load of chillers in the Far East

In June Ventana Serra carried out a truly special shipment. Chillers - cooling systems- weighing in at an impressive 10,000 kg, were shipped from Padua to Seoul, for a client which is a top manufacturer of conditioners, chillers and raised floors.

The machines were shipped by AirBridgeCargo flight to Seoul airport, in compliance with the client's requirements, both in terms of time frame and the handling of goods. A decidedly significant and "delicate" assignment, considering the sheer size of goods (10.5 m x 2.2 , x 2.36 m), bringing loading operations down to a question of millimetres!

Specifically, the Altavilla Vicentina (Vicenza - Northeast of Italy ) branch of Ventana Serra managed the shipment down to the most intricate of details: from collection at the Padua-based client's facilities, to the management of customs procedures and the preparation of all necessary documentation for the shipment of hazardous goods. This category of goods is regulated by IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, and is actually classified as "Dangerous Goods".  In choosing Ventana, the client was able to rely on a team of specialists capable of seamlessly coordinating all activities and receiving goods in full safety and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations at a worldwide level.