Arcese’s sustainable commitment continues with zero emission deliveries to central London

Since June a new natural gas vehicle has been operating for distribution services in the British capital

Both the transport and logistics industries are paying extra attention to the environment. For Arcese, this is a priority besides being a flagship of its identity and corporate strategy.
The introduction of the new Iveco Daily Natural Power vehicle for inter-urban distribution meets the company’s plan and need to reduce emissions produced by the company. The new van is equipped with a CNG engine, and it reduces emissions and noise (about 5 dB less than the equivalent diesel engine). The vehicle with dual CNG/petrol power has maximum autonomy of 490 km, and it will be used especially to make deliveries in London city centre. Natural gas allows the vehicle to reduce CO2 emissions by about 40%, nitrogen oxide by about 94%, and fine dust by about 95%. An important addition that allows Arcese to align in advance with the new legislation - in force from April 2019 - regarding the limitations of access to the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London, an area where there are our main delivery points.

The strategy of our Group has always been focused on reducing emissions. That’s why, besides constantly renovating our fleet, we keep introducing alternative-fuel vehicles, both on an experimentation and industrial level” said Michele Nascetti – Country Manager of Arcese UK. And he added “For us, sustainability is a key lever for our business and it’s a need which does not only come from our customers’ requests. Environmental sustainability is a value that can drive the company’s daily choices. That’s why, we believe that both economy and sustainability must be considered the pillars for every company. When we talk about sustainability, we are referring to different fields: the reduction of the maximum speed limit, the control of the driving style, the carbon footprint certification and the development of the combined road-short sea-railway transport."

This new and relevant step in the UK is a further confirmation of Arcese’s social and environmental commitment to representing a socially responsible business model. For the near future we have planned to introduce alternative fuel vehicles for deliveries in Geneva and Barcelona.